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The People's Station Radio 90.5 FM

invites you to participate in our 

6th Annual Divali Rangoli Contest


Rangoli is a beautiful art form originating in India that uses a variety of materials to create beautiful patterns on the floor or a tabletop. The geometric designs may also be religious symbols that are powerful. Rangoli creation is also found in Hindu mythology. The art of drawing unique Rangoli designs is considered an auspicious sign, they are drawn meticulously and with bare fingers to ward off all evils. They are often beautiful and unique, and they have the ability to inspire feelings of joy and peace. Rangoli for Divali are designed as a gesture to welcome Goddess Lakshmi into a home or other space.

Festival Preparation
Festival Preparation

Info on our Rangoli Contest

Two Age Group Categories:
- Participants 12 years old and over may do any design Rangoli.
- Participants under 12 years old must do a DEYA design Rangoli.

Size: No smaller than 1 ½' x 1 ½' but not larger than 6' x 6'.
Medium/Material: Coloured rice grains, Coloured sand or powder, Chalk, Flower petals (flowers), Glitter or any medium traditionally used to make Rangolis.

You can enter as an Individual, a Family - one entry per household; or a group (school, temple, friends) - one entry per group.

More Info on our Ragoli Contest

Judging Criteria:- Overall design; Use of colour; Use of medium; Originality of design; Precision of design (how neatly it is done).

When you've completed your Rangoli, you must take TWO (2) pictures:
1) One must show the person/s who did the Rangoli standing next to it to verify it is actually their work (and not something off the internet}.
2) The other, must be of the Rangoli only.


Photos for entry can be submitted now until November 15th 2023.
Email to:

Message us on Facebook Or WhatsApp it to us at 364-9050
Include your name, address, phone number, the medium used and the size of your Rangoli.
Kids Under 12 years must include their age.


Radio 90.5 FM 6th Annual Rangoli Contest 
Info continued...

We will judge all entries for our 1st, 2nd, 3rd Place Winners in Over 12 category &

also for the Winner of the Under 12 category, based on the criteria mentioned above.

All photos submitted will also be posted (along with your name only) to Radio 90.5's Facebook page (Rangoli 2023 album) for our Facebook fans to vote for their favourite.

The Rangoli with the most votes will be the winner of The People's Choice Prize.

Voting closes November 17th at 6:00 P.M.
Winners will be announced on Monday November 20th at 2:30 P.M. on Radio 90.5.
Children under 18 years old must have permission from parent/guardian.
Entrants must currently reside in Trinidad & Tobago ONLY.
Prizes:- Over 12 years: 1st Place - $800 / 2nd Place - $600 / 3rd Place - $400 and Under 12 yrs - $500

Plus Win Prizes from our wonderful sponsors!

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